Frequently asked questions

Safety regulations

Where can I find safety regulations for Deltarack products?


Conformity with EU Directive (EU)

Do Deltarack products comply with the European directive (CE)?

According to the European Commission, racks such as Deltarack do not fall within the scope of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. A CE mark is therefore not possible. The formal answer of the European Commission can be seen here. However, Deltarack products do comply with the requirements of the relevant harmonised standards. Aside from the formal aspects, such as CE marking and a declaration of conformity, this means that design and production conform to the provisions of the Machinery Directive and that Deltarack products conform to the technical requirements for tools and equipment. Furthermore, Deltarack products comply with the Belgian General Act of 9 February 1994 regarding the safety of products and services (see this link).

Tests and certificates

What certificates do Deltarack products have?

As far as we know today, there are no standards that a wooden rack must comply with. Standardised test programs are not available. As wood (unlike metal) is not a homogeneous material, it is not possible to simulate tests in software. For this reason, we have developed a specific test programme in cooperation with the Belgian Packaging Institute (BVI) .This programme consists of various static and dynamic tests. Based on these tests, we can provide a Certificate of shape stability for most Deltarack products (Test Report of the Acceleration Test based on RD of April 27th 2007, EN12195:2010, VCAT-40509:2010).

Grade C/C plywood

What materials are Deltarack products made from?

Deltaracks are made from birch plywood, a board material composed of thin birch veneers laminated with crosswise grain orientation. The production standards for the birch plywood used for Deltaracks are defined in the ' GOST standard '. Deltaracks are made from water-resistant plywood (water boiled plywood WBP or FSF) and water-resistant multiplex (water-resistant plywood MR or FK) depending on the model and the application.

The appearance of the face veneers is not important for Deltaracks because it has very little effect on the strength. We use grade C/C NS for our products, when means that the face veneers are not sanded and may have knots and cracks as well as holes up to 4 cm in diameter. Sufficient quantities of this grade to meet the demand for Deltaracks are not always available, so we are sometimes compelled to choose a higher grade. The individual parts of Deltaracks may differ considerably in appearance because they are mixed.

Lifting with a crane

Can Deltaracks be lifted with a crane?

Deltaracks do not have lifting eyes on top, so lifting with conventional crane rigging is not possible We recommend using a pallet hook for rigging. Lifting slings can also be used if permitted by the load. The key considerations are stability and safety.


Can I disassemble my Deltaracks and reassemble them later?

Many customers ask us whether Deltaracks can be disassembled. Based on experience, the standard Deltarack range, consisting of only two or - at a maximum - three different parts, is well suited to disassembly and can be disassembled up to 4 or 5 times. The Deltarack Premium is more complex and assembly and disassembly is not recommended.

In actual practice, customers are often able to reassemble and reuse these products two or three times. When reassembling a Deltarack, always check the parts to ensure that they are still intact. Old parts can be mixed with new ones if necessary. The NB6 model can easily be disassembled for compact transport.

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